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Larry Oskin, President

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Larry Oskin, President

Marketing Solutions was founded in 1992 by President, Larry Oskin. Since the agency’s inception it has experienced significant organizational growth and is considered a leader in creativity, innovation and successful implementation of successful marketing strategies.

Oskin has often been referred to as a “Marketing Changemaster” and a “Guerrilla Marketeer”. He is a creative beauty industry executive with excellent strategic planning and corporate development abilities. He has over 40 years of professional marketing and management experiences in service-oriented retail industries including supermarket, food, bank, real estate, fine art, automobile and sports marketing. His primary focus remains as a respected expert in the hairstyling salon, day spa, medical spa, salon chain, beautycare and medical industries. He has helped to successfully brand, launch and re-launch many professional product companies. Oskin sits on the Editorial Advisory Boards of numerous national and international consumer and trade publications, while writing his own columns.

Oskin served as Vice President of Marketing with three national salon chains. Thus, many manufacturers and distributors have hired Marketing Solutions to create and facilitate their Salon Chain Marketing Programs. He first worked with Steppes Beauticians / JC Penney and the Allied Department Store Salons. Oskin was with Regis Corporation for 9 years creating marketing for 42 different salon chain divisions inclusive of Regis Hairstylists, Face Factory Cosmetics, MasterCuts, and Saks Fifth Avenue Salons. He served as COO and Vice President of Marketing for The Hair Cuttery Salons. He headed up the graphic design, advertising, marketing, photography, service sales, namebrand retail sales, private label product development, corporate image, customer service, PR and education programs for these and numerous other salon chains.

Oskin regularly appears on stage at many regional, national and international conventions, speaking about ‘Salon & Day Spa Marketing’, ‘Successful Retailing’, ‘PR, Media Relations & Photography Strategies,’ ‘Promoting The Promotion’ and `Quality Customer Service Strategies’, besides other related business and management topics.

Feel free to call him directly at 703-359-6000 EXT: 22 or email him at LOskin@MktgSols.com.