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JOE Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Photo
Model Photo Shoot 1 Product Four Series Photo
JOE Natural Shampoos and Conditoners 2 Photo EMU Products 2 Photo
Model Photo Shoot 3 Model Photo Shoot 2
Spa Model Photo Red Nails and White Flowers
EMU Product Collection Photo Model Photo Shoot 4
Model Photo Shoot 5 Model Photo Shoot 6
Model Photo Shoot 7 Model Photo Shoot 8
Nails and Yellow Flowers Model Photo Shoot by Ian Gavet
Spa Model Photo 2 Spa Couple Photo
Spa Model Photo 3 Spa Model Photo 4
Model Photo Shoot 9 Model Photo Shoot 10
Model Photo Shoot 11 Model Photo Shoot 12
Model Photo Shoot 13 Hilary by Brittany Molina
Model Photo Shoot 14 Feet Photo
Model Photo Shoot 38 Model Photo Shoot 37

Art Direction:

Marketing Solutions will plan and art direct your professional photography sessions. We will work with you to help have your copyright protected photographs published in local, national and international publications as well as on the Internet.

Customized Professional vs. Stock Photography:

We know that professional photography remains an important investment. We will create and use your special photographs in all of your marketing, advertising, graphic design, public relations and communications projects. We believe that it is important not to use generic or stock photographs. We believe that this is an extremely important first step in soliciting national consumer and beauty trade media exposure while independently building your own identity. Through repeated use, these professional photographs will also become known as ‘your’ exclusive marketing images.

Marketing Solutions Photography Studio:

We have our own professional photography studio, where we regularly facilitate professional product photographs for our clients’ products and marketing campaigns.

Professional Photographers & Photography Sessions:

We will help to strategically plan all of your professional photography sessions, especially when freelance photographers are needed. We will negotiate their agreements for you. We are always ready to help organize and facilitate your photography sessions on location with you and your team.

We will help to handle all necessary paperwork, staff meetings, art direction, model and talent releases. We work with professionally experienced hair, skin, makeup, beauty and medical photographers to ensure the highest quality and creative standards.

Professional & Semi-Professional Photography Models:

We will help you create ‘Models Wanted’ marketing materials for the solicitation of attractive candidates as well as to help you select the final models. When necessary, we can help with Model-Go-Sees, casting sessions or Internet model searches through ModelMayhem.com, Craig’s List and other Internet resources.

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Model Photo Shoot 16
Model Photo Shoot 36
Model Photo Shoot 17
Model Photo Shoot 18
Model Photo Shoot 30
Mascara Model
Model Photo Shoot 19
Bikini Photo Shoot
Model with Tousled Hair
Model Photo Shoot 31
Model Photo Shoot 20
Eyeshadow Model
Model Photo Shoot 21
Model with Lipstick
Model Photo Shoot 22
Model Photo Shoot 34
Model Photo Shoot 29
Spa Flower Model
Model Photo Shoot 26 Model Photo Shoot 25
Model Profile View
Model Photo Shoot 24
Model Photo Shoot 23
Model Photo Shoot 28 Spa Couple Photo
Models Photo Shoot 1
Spa Model in White Robe
Model Photo Shoot 39
Model Photo Shoot 15
Model Photo Shoot 32
Model Photo Shoot 40
Model with Sheet Legs Photo
Model Photo Shoot 41
Face Model with Sponge Smile Photo Model's Back Model with Roses Model Standing with Sheets