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Promotions and Events

Seasonal Promotions & Special Events:

Marketing Solutions will work with you before and after any special event to promote it and to solicit media attention. We will consult with you, your staff and your other external resources to make each event a success! Whether it is promoting any new business, a community event, a salon and spa service at full-price or with a special offer, we plan what will work best for you.

Special Events:

We will work with you on new product launches, grand openings, anniversary events, special community events, charitable fundraisers, open houses, competitions, educational symposiums, special seasonal marketing, merchandising promotions and special event planning.

Charitable & Community Events:

Marketing Solutions will work with you and your desired charity to create a win-win program for the charity, your clients, their followers and you. When possible, we will help you negotiate for extra support, testimonials, celebrity appearances and anything extra that we can by working with your favorite local and national charities as well as any association or community group you support

Press Events:

We will be happy help create special Press Events, whether they are held at a national convention, at your primary business address or any desired location. We will invite the media and act as your master of ceremonies while garnering you extra media exposure.

Promotional Samples and Event Photos:


SOC- IBS NYC PHFH Events SOC - IBS PHFH Event - Chopper Pink Hair For Hope Ad SOCAP USA Pink Hair For Hope Sorority Postcard

MAH - Oil Spill Clean-up Flier MAH Postcard
PBH Client After Care Brochure PBH Sales Sheet- Hapuna Volumizer PBH Jan & Feb 2010 Business Builders
PBH After Service Haircare Card PBH Sales Sheet - Hapuna Karatin Retexturizer PBH Hapuna Keratine Retexturizer Collection
URS Father's Day Promotional Flier URS Hair Extention Promotion
ZKI Jenn Daws Welcome ZKI Counter Card Best of DE 2010 ZKI Weekday Web Promotion ZKI -- Summer 2010 Promotion